The divine oil

Biancolilla cultivar olives are hand-picked at the correct stage of maturation, from October 1 to November 15, and are carefully selected and continuously cold-pressed within six hours of harvesting.

Its colour is the rusult of the purity of nature.

Its smell is persistent, characterized by an intense olive aroma mixed with fresh grass, artichoke, basil and green tomato smell.

Its taste is full, harmonious, well-balanced, pleasantly spicy and bitter, with a sweet almond and artichoke aftertaste. This oil makes the ideal condiment for refined dishes like fish, white meat, toasted bread, salads and vegetables.

Agathòs derives from Greek and it does not simply mean “very good”.

In the Greek world kalòs kai agathòs, beautiful and good, defined the ideal man, who had a perfect body and a perfect spirit. For the Latins Agatha was the good and virtuous woman.

The goodness is the most important inner virtue and expresses ability and delicacy, courage and equilibrium, force and harmony

Agathòs is the excellent, divine soul.