One moment, one emotion

L’incanto is produced in limited edition and all bottles are numbered.

It originates from the first Cetrale cultivar olives which are picked and then carefully selected and pressed within three hours of harvesting.

Its colour is gold, with green reflections.

Its smell is persistent, characterized by an intense olive aroma, mixed with green tomato and fresh grass smell.

Its taste is intensly fruity, pleasantly spicy, bitter, harmonious, lovely and full-flavoredfull.

This oil makes the ideal condiment for raw fish, meat, roast beef, salads and refined deserts.

L’incanto is unique and is able to express a complex country such as Sicily.

It expresses one moment and one emotion.

An elective affinity ties L’Incanto together with a work made by the master Franco Polizzi, belonging with Gruppo Scicli with other artists such as Piero Guccione, Franco Sarnari, Sonia Alvarez, Carmelo Candiano, Ugo Caruso.

He translated their common love for Sicily in an image: his panel is full of colours and Mediterranean emotions, lights and Hyblean countryside.

It is the explosion of nature in this enchanting place.