Valle dell'Irminio
The natural lymph

Cetrale cultivar olives have Arabian origins and are now typical of our region. They are hand-picked at the correct stage of maturation, from October 1 to 25, and are carefully selected and continuously cold-pressed within six hours of harvesting.

Its colour is intense green.

Its smell is persistent, characterized by an intense green tomato aroma, mixed with fresh grass, and leaf smell.

Its taste is full, harmonious and bitter and it is balanced by an artichoke and spice aftertaste.

This oil makes the ideal condiment for red meat, roast beef, legumes and salads and it can be used as oil dip as well as condiment for chease deserts.

The Irminio is the longest river in the province of Ragusa. It springs from Monte Lauro, the main peak of the Hyblaean Mountains, and flows into the Mediterranean Sea, near Scicli.

According to Pliny the Elder’s Natural History, the name Irminio derives from Hermes, the ancient god Mercury, who here moved and fell in love with the nymph Daphnide.

Since prehistoric times, and especially in the Greek and Roman period, the river has been the most rapid connection between the Hinterland and the Coast. As it was navigable, it was used for transport and commercial exchanges.

The Irminio Valley is deep and winding and the vegetation has envolved over the centuries, but it has never been disturbed by the presence of man. The valley is now preserved as Natural Reserve.