The whole is more than the sum of its parts

Sesto originates from Biancolilla and Cetrale cultivar olives, which are separately hand-picked and then pressed together and blended in a single oil. This process causes chemical interactions in the olive oil dough which leads to a new and different final result, which is more than the mere sum of its single parts. It is a unique result and its organoleptic tasting is amazing.

Biancolilla and Cetrale cultivar olives are hand-picked at the correct stage of maturation, from October 1 to 15, and are carefully selected and continuously cold-pressed within three hours of harvesting.

Its colour is intense green.

Its smell is delicate but gives intense emotion. It is persistent, characterized by green olive aroma mixed with fresh grass, artichoke and green tomato smell.

Its taste is heavy-bodied, harmonious, well-balanced, pleasantly spicy and bitter, with a sweet almond, artichoke and chicory aftertaste.

This oil makes the ideal condiment for refined fish, red meat, toasted bread, salads and vegetables.

According to Gestalt psychology “The whole is more than the sum of its parts”. The man is the combination of mind and body, feelings and thought, which are part of a single system, of a greater totality.

It is a simple and fundamental law we can notice around us: a melody is something more than the sum of its notes, a word is something more than the sum of its single letters.

Sesto gives you a more amazing and intense sensation than the sum of the five senses: it is the entirety, the most absolute perception.