Fratelli Aprile

Ours is a story of having feet on the ground but eyes on the stars. With the solidity of a farmhand’s
temperament, it has grown through the guidance of the sobriety and balances which listening to the land every day has taught us. Always cultivating, together with our olive groves, the desire to represent richness and beauty.

This company came about from the transformation of a small family business, which our parents had started to shape by annually purchasing small pieces of land along the Irminio river valley, in the countryside of Scicli, in the province of Ragusa. For them, people with other jobs by day, this represented the place of a little dream kept on the backburner that slowly took shape in reality: the dream of looking after their trees, pressing their olives, tying a piece of their destiny to the sacred value of oil.

As children, we breathed the air of that dream and created a complete imaginary world in which all the magic unfolded amongst these plants: light, games, parties, memories of our happiness.

It was the authenticity of that nourishment that made us decide to stay when we grew up, at a time when everyone else was deciding to leave. And to choose to open an oil making mill, exactly in the place that everyone was deciding to close them. What our parents started out of love, we transformed with conscience. And always accompanied by their wisdom and support, we have made it a business entirely dedicated to 100% Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The oil making mill immediately became our workshop: a place of continuous experimentation, of incessant discovery and rediscovery, which through endless inspirations and infinite attempts led us to identify the secrets of our production identity. An identity through which, at the end of the 1990s, we were ready to bet that we could make the territory of south-eastern Sicily known to a market that was no longer just local, but international, aware and demanding: we hoped that our oil would hit the mark and we proved it to be by winning the Golden Lion at our first time participating in Sol&Agrifood in Verona.

It was 1998, that moment marked the beginning of a new era not only for us, but for all Sicilian olive oil, which we are all happy to be able to consider a certainty on all markets today.

Over the last twenty years we have been dedicated to consistently linking our brand to a rigorous interpretation of the unique characteristics of our territory and our cultivars, with the desire to bring to the great tables of the world, through our Extra Virgin Olive Oils, a sniff of the fragrance that still accompanies us when we wander.

Roberto e Daniele Aprile

Onsite Visits

Our Oils are for sale online, on this site, and in many countries around the world. But they are available especially in the company, where if you come to visit us we will be happy to let you taste them, after showing you where they were born and how. You can contact us here for a visit or for an
order: we will be happy to answer you personally.