The heritage of agricultural history and rural wisdom have led to the natural selection of the olive varieties that best suit the characteristics of the soil and climate of the Irminio valley: Biancolilla, aromatic and delicate, and Cetrale, with its unmistakable intensity.

We simply put ourselves in the furrow of this spontaneous and balanced relationship with the nature that surrounds us, using only these two varieties in the 25 hectares of our olive groves: we planted the Biancolilla trees on the plateau that goes towards the sea, from which they draw a beneficial tanginess, and those of Centrale in the shade of the valley along which the river Irminio flows, among the spontaneous grasses and wild vegetation. This small ecosystem defines a production strongly linked to the territory, which we continue to support with the sole purpose of drawing the maximum expression from it. To do this we apply a strict protocol, starting with fully sustainable agricultural management, in which we never resort to deep tillage or chemical intervention, but rather maintain a generous biodiversity. The daily observation and interpretation of the phenomena that distinguish each year, dictate the timing of the work in the olive groves and those of the harvest: this is when our experience comes into play more than ever, allowing us to obtain different results for our oils in relation to the position of the olive groves, the characteristics of the varieties and the degree of the fruits’ ripeness.

We firmly believe in the fact that this sensitivity and care can accompany even the highest level of technology: for this reason we have not limited ourselves to placing a state-of-the-art olive manufactory at the centre of our olive groves, but we always try to mould its technical potential to our thinking and research.

Solely hand-picked they immediately arrive at the manufactory and with an integral continuous- cycle; the olives are pressed within three hours through extraction at a controlled temperature: a process that deliberately kept slow so as to preserve all the chemical, physical and sensory characteristics of the fruit. Once ready, we store the oil in our temperature-controlled silos, bottling it only when we send it to our customers, to guarantee a longer life.

The quality of the process is completed on the one hand with the attention in the packaging for shipping, to preserve the product from all possible thermal stress, and on the other hand with the reuse of waste: this is how the circle closes, in an unabating and harmonious tension of perfection.

Onsite Visits

Our Oils are for sale online, on this site, and in many countries around the world. But they are available especially in the company, where if you come to visit us we will be happy to let you taste them, after showing you where they were born and how. You can contact us here for a visit or for an
order: we will be happy to answer you personally.